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The ‘Mericans gig poster

This is what happens when your fiancé tells you he “needs a gig poster…Tonight.” and then says he’s putting on Lost Season 3 Disc 4 “in exactly one half hour” and if you’re “not done” with the “poster” he’s “watching Lost without you.” And the cat picture is what happens when you’re making tabletop photos and your cat finds she’s most comfortable in the light box under hot lamps.Costarr gig poster

2 Responses to “The ‘Mericans gig poster”

  1. jrmy says:

    You know, using a reward system can really work at producing good design… and good cat portraits…

  2. Jen HC says:

    I so need to try the reward/BRIBE thing with Jim!!!!!
    Brilliant. And look what you were able to throw together in no time! Great job. :)

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